A transport-related
software development company

Developing software solutions for sustainable transport planning, data collection & processing.

Market research tools

The MobyApp platform offers unique capabilities to design surveys and engage individuals to collect longitudinal, multimodal and time use, quantitative and qualitative data about their activities and trips.

Spatial & transport planning tools

The HARMONY MS is a platform that allows the simulation of a series
of transport and spatial interventions in the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
It is an ideal tool to support companies or authorities to develop
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).

The HARMONY MS-Lite is the ideal tool to run mobility related scenarios when data
availability is limited, or clock is ticking.

Mobility platforms

The MobyX has an experienced team of software developers and data scientists that use state-of-the-art techniques to develop platforms for Mobility as a Service & shared mobility concepts.


MobyX has a wide range of expertise related to market research, sustainable urban mobility planning, and impact assessment.