About Us - Who we are

MOBY X SOFTWARE LTD is a Cyprus-based start-up company founded by researchers in 2018.

Its main objective is to design transport-related software usually used by authorities for transport planning purposes, and by industry for market studies and investment planning.

Currently, MOBY X has two main products:

Both products are the outcome of research and innovation (RD) projects funded by the H2020 framework of the European Commission and other international research councils. Indicatively, MOBY X has recently received €500k within the H2020 funded project HARMONY to develop a transportrelated software package.

The personalised smartphone-based travel survey platform of MOBY X (the MobyApp) and the tracking algorithms have been successfully tested in different geographical areas, such as in Turin (IT; the client id the Municipality of Turin) and Oxfordshire (UK; the client is Oxfordshire County Council) and it was originally planned to officially be utilised for travel data collection in summer 2020. However, due to the lockdown in these regions, the utilisation of the MobyApp has been postponed for October 2020. Although MobyApp is a product that has been recently launched, it has already attracted the interest of public authorities for travel data collection due to its state-of-the-art features and the value it creates to the transport planners.

Given that the hard-core functionalities of the proposed platform are already in place and have been successfully tested in real-life situations in the aforementioned regions, the proposed adjustments are rather straightforward. In addition, the MOBY X team for this specific project consists of numerous experts in the area of transport, trip tracking and software development to make sure that the proposed product will be delivered on time to the Cypriot society.