About Us - Our Team

Dr. Athena Tsirimpa

Transport Modeller

Dr. Ioannis Tsouros

Transport Modeller

Dr. Georgia Kouta

Head of Business of Management & Strategy

Konstantinos Kamargiannis

Project Manager & Client Support

Dinos Mavromatis

Head of Product Development

Dr. Ilias Gerostathopoulos

CTO - Non-Executive
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Kyriakos Papayiannis

Data Scientist

Open Position

Backend Developer

Andreas Economou

Acting Director

Alexandros Ntourmisis

Mobile Developer & UI/UX Designer
Philip Chorianopoulos

Philip Chorianopoulos

Front-end Engineer

Ioanna Skreki

Junior Dev-Ops Engineer

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Maria Kamargianni

Professor of Transport Systems Innovation and Sustainability

Dr. Manos Chaniotakis

Lecturer of Transport Modelling and Machine Learning